30 September 2020

Great work on Seitz 2 3rd movement, and great reading and ideas on Seitz 5 1st mvt!

Keep checking on your bow thumb this week, especially with the “clean slate” of a new piece to help you—having a flexible, balanced bow hand will help you clearly communicate these great story ideas and musical instincts you have.

Here’s an under-tempo version of Seitz 5 1st mvt (with one note mistake in the 16ths of p. 2):

Here’s one version of the piece up to tempo, with the orchestra part reduced for piano to give you some context. This violinist has a very different bow hand than what I use in my playing and what I teach, and he has a totally different approach to the leggiero section at m. 30, but take a look at how he uses changing amounts of bow in the first three lines to create shapes and tell his own version of the story.

23 September 2020

Hi Rachel!

Seitz is sounding great! Keep up the great work. Here’s the video of the bottom of p. 1:

Seitz Concert No. 2 in G Major, Op. 13, 3rd Mvt. mm. 48–68 (plus bonus at tempo most of p. 2)

17 June 2020

Hi Rachel,

Great work in lesson today! Keep thinking pinky-ulna… 🙂

Here are those videos:

27 May 2020

Hi Rachel, here’s that practice video—I hope this helps make it easier to play. I tried to amplify her subtle cues into larger motions that are easier to “read.” Let me know how it goes!

Humoresque with distanced piano accompaniment
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