Saturday November 21, 2020

Hi Ethan! Here’s the new and old Minuets:

Saturday November 7, 2020

Hi Ethan,

Here’s the new piece—Gavotte by Martini:

And the printable calendar:

I will put some gavotte steps videos up here too.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Hi Ethan,

Great work today. I’m glad you’re having fun with the “Lully” Gavotte. As I mentioned briefly, I was reminded this week that it’s actually by a different French baroque composer, Marin Marais. He wrote a lot of great music for the viola da gamba (bass viol) which is sometimes played on other instruments… if you search Marin Marais Suites on YouTube, you should be able to find lots of examples. Bass viol players love playing his music.

Here’s the next piece to start:

Saturday July 11, 2020

Hi Ethan!

Here’s the PDF of Lully’s Gavotte to tide you over until you get the book (I’ll put it in the mail on Monday):

Saturday April 25, 2020

Hi Ethan,

I have some new ideas to try with your vibrato next lesson that I think will help.

Here’s the video of Gavotte from Mignon. I’ll be working with you on a more advanced bowstroke, but if you start with the staccato she’s using, it’ll be a good preparation:

Saturday April 18, 2020: Witches’ Dance

Hi Ethan!

Great work so far on your vibrato—keep it up.

Here is the PDF for Witches’ Dance:

Two Grenadiers: sounding very good, just polishing that rhythm spot in 21 and make sure all your F#s are very clean and clear from 23 onward to make a big contrast when it changes to major tonality.

Saturday March 21, 2020: Handel Bourrée resources

Hi Ethan!

Here is the recording and PDF of the Handel Bourrée we skipped over:

Enjoy taking your time with the vibrato practice on Tonalization. While the printed version is G minor, I think it’s a good idea to play it in G major for now, since Bb (low 1) is probably the most difficult note to vibrate. Let’s get the beautiful motion you were achieving today in lesson to be really solid before pushing to the max difficulty.

Great work today!

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