September 23, 2020

Hi Annika,

Great job today with the B-flat hand position in Gavotte from Mignon! Here’s the recording; the B-flat major section is a little after 1min.

June 17, 2020

Hi Annika,

Thanks so much for pushing through your frustration with the C major scale, “regular” and in dichords! Here is a video of the Bourrée with piano accompaniment. Put it on .75x speed first, practice a few times until it feels comfortable, then put it on regular 1x speed for performance tempo.

April 29, 2020

Hi Annika,

Thank you for your work in lesson today.

Try looking at this video of the B-flat Major scale when you practice. I think this visual might better match the way you think about where to place your fingers. Let me know before next lesson if the video doesn’t clarify things.

Video by VancityViolinTeacher

And here’s a video of Long Long Ago as well:

Video by Anna Lea of ViolinGarden

April 22, 2020

Hi Annika,

Good work in your lesson today!

Here’s the video of Hunter’s Chorus I talked about. She plays it first at performance speed, then again slowly. Try to speak the rhythm along with her, clapping the quarter note beat/heartbeat. You can start with the slow version first to make sure it’s really clear, then when that feels solid/comfortable, try clapping and speaking the rhythm/notes with the fast version at the beginning.

Fast version 0:31, slow at 2:40

Here’s what I found in terms of music theory classes online:

Irvine Valley College I’m not sure how much their classes cost, but it looks like they have offerings at a range of levels.
Berklee College Music Theory 101 This one is probably excellent, and also expensive: $1500 for credit, $1250 not for credit. Their summer term starts June 29
Coursera has one for free through the University of Edinburgh. It started on April 20 but you could probably catch up. It seems to have high ratings.
Open University has one that is also free.
Udemy has much smaller-scale mini courses

Let me know if one looks good or if none of these look good to you!

And here’s the information about our concert—you are invited to attend for free, no donation required!

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